Aluminum Alloy Explosion-proof terminal box MAMJB04-L

* Enclosure material:Aluminum Alloy ZL102

* Ex mark:  II 2G Ex eb IIC T6 Gb; II 2G Ex ia IIC T6 Ga; II 2D Ex tb III C T80℃ Db IP66

*Certificate:ATEX, TR CU


Aluminum Explosion-proof Terminal Box MAMJB04-C

* Enclosure dimension (mm) :120*120*80;140*140*90;260*160*90;230*200*110;360"160*90;330*230*110;130*150*100;200*150*100;250*150*100

*Widely used in chemical, refining, oil exploitation, offshore oil platforms, oil tankers, military and other dangerous places; Suitable for the cable distribution of electrical appliances and lamps and especially for on-site heat tracing system.

* Good appearance with aluminum alloy enclosure and stainless steel exposed fasteners.

*Different mounting methods such as hanging type, embedded, and heat tracing bracket type installation; Different incoming cables such as ordinary rubber-plastic cable, armored cable and heating cable.

Explosion-proof terminal box MAMJB04-L