Explosion-proof Lighted End Seal Kits MTE

* Enclosure material : GRP 

* Transparent cover material : PC , >7J

* Power : <2W 

* Cable entries: 1 or 3 Heating cables wiring

* Ex mark : Ex d e IIC Gb; Ex tD A21 IP66

* Used in hazardous area, together with industry parallel heating cables.


Explosion-proof Lighted End Seal Kits MTE 

* The product is exceptionally rugged and is made of solid moulding parts with a thickness of 4 mm.

* The lighted end seal kits use super bright red LED lamp source, long life, low cost, environment friendly, all of angle is visual;

* Use durable industry electric control device, with good sealing performance, damp proof;

Explosion-proof Tail Signal Lamp MTE Series