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Ex proof cable gland is also called explosion-proof cable fixing heads, explosion-proof packing letters, explosion-proof clamps tight sealing joints, explosion-proof gran heads, explosion-proof cable glands, etc. It is a kind of explosion-proof cable accessory used in hazardous areas, which can be installed in the connection between the explosion-proof cable port and the explosion-proof electrical equipment, and plays a role in introducing the cable and fixing the position to achieve sealing and explosion-proofing, and has the advantages of superior explosion-proof performance, safe and reliable structure, simple and convenient installation, and high protection level. It is used in petroleum, chemical industry and other places that require electrical safety and explosion protection, especially for offshore platforms and ships that require electrical explosion protection.

Characteristics of ex proof cable glands

1) Made of brass, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, cable locking using packing seal, good protection performance. Has fast. Jie installation, safe and reliable, good protection performance, superior explosion-proof performance and other characteristics.

2) Suitable for clamping and fixing various types of steel cores. Wire braided or ribbon armored cables for use in places where the core of the cable must be partially flameproofed and the housing gas sealed to IP66.

3) Explosion proof cable glands can be used for a wide variety of power, control, instrumentation, data and telecommunications cables. As a sealing and end-end device, it ensures that the characteristics of the cabinet into which the cable penetrates can be fully maintained and continued.

We offer ATEX and IECEx certified ex proof cable glands with quality and service you can rely on.

The main functions of the ex cable gland as follows:

1) The explosion proof cable connector provides waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof protection through the sealing on the outer protective layer of the cable, and blocks dust and water vapor outside the electrical or instrument box.

2) Ex-proof cable connectors can provide grounding continuity for armored cables when using metal materials.

3) The explosion proof cable connector provides support to the cable and prevents the cable from being pulled out.

4) Explosion-proof cable connector Provides additional sealing protection at the cable entry box when there is a higher protection level requirement.

5) Explosion-proof cable connector ensures the protection level of the cable inlet by selecting the corresponding accessories.

6) The ex proof cable gland can reach the protection level of the box it is loaded into.

If you are looking for cable glands for hazardous areas, visit Explosion proof cable glands for industrial, high voltage and professional applications and we have you covered. Contact us. Our cable glands are available in brass, nickel-plated brass and stainless steel. Browse the options for the following ex proof cable glands:

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