Explosion-proof Temperature Control box(Capillary) MAMX-12-C2

* Enclosure material: Aluminum AlloyZL102

* Enclosure dimension: 161*161*109mm

* Ex mark: Ex db IIC T6...T4 Gb; Ex tb IIIC T80°C...T135°C Db P66

* Rated current: when 125/250/480VAC, current is 22A

* Switch: single pole double throw * Accuracy: ±3.3℃

*Certificate:ATEX, IECEx, TR CU


Explosion-proof Temperature Control box(Capillary) MAMX-12-C2

*Used in chemical, oil refining, oil exploitation, offshore oil platforms, oil tankers, military and other hazardous areas;

*Suitable for controlling the heat tracing system used in anti-freezing in hazardous areas; can respond to changes in ambient temperature and can adjust the set point;

*Can be used to control a single heat tracing circuit or as a contactor to switch the signal control of multiple heat tracing circuits;

*Different installation methods such as hanging, embedded, heat tracing bracket installation and different incoming cables such as ordinary rubber and plastic cable, armored cable and heating cable are optional.

Ex Temperature Control Switch(Capillary) MAMX-12-C2