IIC Explosion-proof Terminal Box MAMX-08

* Enclosure material: Aluminium alloy ZL102;

* Ex mark: Ex db IIC T6...T4 Gb; Ex tb IIIC T80°C...T135°C Db IP66

* Certificate;ATEX,IECEx and TR CU

*Max Current:1500A

*Max Power consumption:800W


Explosion-proof Terminal Box MAMX-08

 * Cable entry

* Used in chemical, oil refining, oil exploitation, offshore oil platforms,oil tankers, military and other hazardous areas; Suitable for cable distribution when installing electrical appliances and lamps and especially when installing electrical heat tracing systems and high-power electric heaters on site.

* Beautiful appearance: Aluminum alloy enclosure with stainlesssteel exposed fasteners.

* Different installation methods such as hanging, embedded, heattracing bracket installation and different incoming cables such asordinary rubber and plastic cable, armored cable and heating cable.

MAMX-08-d ⅡC

MAMX-08-d ⅡC

MAMX-08-d ⅡC

MAMX-08-d ⅡC