Explosion-proof Pressurized Distribution Panel MAMP06

* Enclosure material: Q235/SS5304/SS316/SS316L

* Ex mark: Ex d e ib mb pz IIC T4 Gc

* Main switch≤630A, Branch switch≤250A

*Certificate:TR CU


Explosion-proof Pressurized Distribution Panel MAMP06

* In-built circuit breaker, AC Contactor, Thermorelay, PLC, Transducer, Soft starter and other components. The panel can be installed with indicator, Pushbutton, Universal switch, Display instrument.

* Used in chemical, oil refining, oil exploitation, offshore oil platforms, oil tankers, military and other hazardous areas;

* Suitable for control of high-power electric heaters in hazardous areas and some equipment that requires on-site touch adjustment display;

* Different installation methods are optional, such as hanging, floor-standing, piano table type.

Control Device for Pressurized Distribution Boxes MAMP06-Series