The Benefits of Using Explosion-proof Lighting

Oct. 20, 2022

Safety and prevention have become major concerns for businesses worldwide. In this context, explosion-proof lighting is essential for any business operating in hazardous environments where potentially explosive gases and vapours are present. Employees working in hazardous environments are often exposed to the threat of potential explosions, which can occur if safety precautions are not implemented correctly. A hazardous environment is an area with a high concentration of combustible particles of liquids, gases, fibres, dust and other materials that can cause fires. All equipment used in hazardous areas must be specially designed to avoid catching fire - and explosion-proof lighting is one of these.

It is therefore important that you understand how explosion-proof lighting can benefit your business and the safety of your workers. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of explosion-proof lighting to help you make more informed decisions for your business.

explosion-proof lighting

explosion-proof lighting

What is explosion-proof lighting?

Ex-lighting is lighting that is capable of containing sparks that could ignite flammable and explosive gases in the atmosphere and that will not cause a potential fire or explosion. These are often referred to as Ex Lighting, so Ex lighting does not refer to lighting that is explosion resistant, but rather to the ability to prevent an external explosion from occurring in a hazardous location. Ex-lighting is usually housed in a thick frame, which is usually made of a robust material such as steel or aluminium. Explosion-proof lighting luminaires are also equipped with extremely durable lenses that can withstand harsh working conditions and prevent cracks that could lead to leaks.

Why choose explosion-proof lighting?

The installation of explosion-proof lighting significantly reduces the risk of explosion by preventing the ignition of flammable gases and vapours in the surrounding area. Various government agencies around the world have been working tirelessly to establish stricter laws and regulations requiring all lighting used in hazardous locations to be explosion-proof. In addition, company management is now increasingly aware of the need to minimise the loss of life and money. Due to the robust design of explosion-proof lighting fixtures, the risk of explosion and fire is extremely low. This therefore also greatly increases the safety of employees working in hazardous locations.

Now, let's get to the point of this article - why use explosion-proof luminaires?

Robust housing

One of the most distinctive features of lighting luminaires is the thick housing. In explosion-protected luminaires, any possible explosion is contained within the luminaire and does not allow gases and liquids to easily enter the body of the luminaire. However, this does not mean that the components of an explosion-proof lighting luminaire must have an airtight seal around them to prevent combustible gases from the surrounding atmosphere from penetrating the housing unit. It simply means that the explosion-proof lighting luminaire will be able to contain the explosion within its housing unit. This prevents the explosion from spreading to the outside of the equipment, which could cause additional damage to the equipment and injury to employees.

Explosion-proof lighting in potentially poorly ventilated or isolated confined spaces (e.g. oil storage tanks) can therefore reduce the chances of an explosion to a large extent. 


All Ex-Lighting must be certified by an official regulatory body to ensure its quality. Products are certified with ATEX certificates in Europe, EAC certificates in Customs Union countries, also known as TR CU certificates, while in other countries an IECEx certificate may be required, etc.

ATEX is the common name for two European directives controlling explosive atmospheres - Directive 99/92/EC and Directive 2014/34/EU. In the case of explosion-proof lighting, Directive 2014/34/EU applies ATEX certification. This certification ensures that the equipment can be used safely in such an environment. 

Consumers must check the certification before purchasing or implementing Ex Lighting in any facility. 


Ex-lighting is generally more durable than conventional lighting. Because Ex lighting fixtures are often made from stronger and heavier materials, they are able to withstand harsher working environments. This means that explosion-proof lamps are not as prone to damage as standard lighting and have a longer service life than traditional lighting, making them a better choice for operating in confined spaces. As a result, the durability of explosion-proof lighting helps to reduce your business' operating, production and fit-out costs.

Energy saving

Explosion-proof LED lamps are more energy efficient than conventional lighting. Explosion-proof LED lamps use approximately 90% less energy than standard lighting fixtures. This means that explosion-proof LED lamps can operate at their original lighting level and last up to 100,000 hours. Explosion-proof LED lamps also emit less heat due to their energy-saving properties. This generally reduces the chance of sparking, which also means that flammable gases and vapours in hazardous locations are not ignited.

In addition to the energy-saving advantages of explosion-proof LED lamps, they do not contain toxic and hazardous substances that are harmful to the environment, such as mercury and lead. Therefore, using explosion-proof LED lamps instead of conventional lighting can also make a business environmentally friendly.

explosion-proof LED lamps

explosion-proof lighting


We strongly recommend that you use explosion-proof lamps, especially if your business operates in confined spaces in hazardous locations. In addition, confined spaces such as oil rigs and petrochemical plants have low visibility and mobility and therefore need to be fitted with explosion-proof lights in order to carry out maintenance and inspections.

Each business is unique and may have different types of lighting requirements. Then the same facility may require different types of lighting in different areas.MAM offers a wide range of explosion-proof lighting fixtures to meet your business needs. Our lighting solutions are customised to meet the strict guidelines and standards of the industry. 

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