A Guide to Choosing the Best Explosion-Proof Junction Box

Sep. 02, 2022

Selecting and narrowing down the best explosion proof junction box for your business can be a tedious and complicated process, and we're here to help. There is no indication that the quality of an explosion-proof junction box can be indicated by visual inspection alone, and for new buyers like you, immediately identifying the best explosion-proof junction box can be confusing. Don't worry, we're here to make your life easier with the following guide.


1.Know your business

First, having a clear understanding of your business will help you narrow and speed up your search. Determining which area your business operates under will allow you to focus your search on the right explosion-proof junction box. This makes your selection process easier because you don't have to consider explosion-proof junction boxes that don't meet your zone requirements.


There are 3 zones used to classify each type of hazardous area. Zone 0 is used to describe areas that are continuously exposed to combustible gases. Zone 1 is an area that may be exposed to explosive gases under normal operation, while Zone 2 is classified as an area that is highly unlikely to contain any explosive gases. Therefore, a thorough understanding of your business and its operations can expedite the search process, saving you and your company valuable time and resources.


2.Protection Class

Ex 'd' junction boxes are also known as explosion-proof junction boxes. ex 'd' or fireproof means that the junction box must be constructed to 'fireproof' standards. A fire rated junction box is able to contain any explosion within its enclosure and any escaping sparks or flames will be cooled by the 'flame path', thus reducing any risk of damage that could lead to further ignition of the explosive atmosphere in the area and result in further combustion.


On the other hand, Ex 'e' junction boxes are built according to the "Enhanced Safety" standard. This means that the Ex 'e' junction box is designed not to generate any currents, sparks or temperatures that could ignite the explosive atmosphere around the junction box. Therefore, Ex 'e' junction boxes are considered explosion-proof, but are not certified for fire protection.


Both Ex 'd' and Ex 'e' junction boxes can operate in Zone 1 and Zone 2. However, only the Ex 'd' junction box can withstand and contain an internal explosion. Therefore, it is fair to say that Ex 'd' junction boxes provide a higher level of protection than Ex 'e' junction boxes.


IIB+H2 Explosion-proof Terminal Box MAMX-07

IIB+H2 Explosion-proof Terminal Box MAMX-07

3.Explosion Proof Certification

To obtain an Ex certified junction box, the junction box must be accompanied by an ATEX or IECEX certificate. This certification indicates that the junction box has undergone several rounds of rigorous inspection, resulting in explosion protection certification. A junction box without an ATEX or IECEX certificate could put your entire business at risk if an explosion were to occur in the workplace. Therefore, ensuring that your junction box has been officially certified as explosion-proof by one of these certification bodies is of the highest priority for you.


4.Plan your budget

Because Ex 'd' junction boxes offer better protection, they are generally more expensive than Ex 'e' junction boxes. This is because the material used to construct Ex 'd' junction boxes must usually be die-cast, which can be an expensive process. Therefore, if you are on a tighter budget, purchasing an Ex 'e' junction box may be a more viable option for your business.

Planning your budget in advance may also allow you to better make bulk purchases, which may often result in small discounts from the manufacturer/supplier.


5.Know the supplier

Contacting the manufacturer's sales team or production team directly is a quick and effective way for you to clear up any confusion. By speaking directly with a MAM employee, you will be able to judge for yourself the expertise and knowledge we have in junction boxes. It may be a good idea to conduct a quick background check or audit of the company that makes your explosion proof junction boxes to ensure you are buying a proven and quality product.


Ultimately, the responsibility of buying the best explosion proof junction box for your business lies with you to do the necessary research before making a final decision. However, it's always a plus when manufacturers simplify the buying process by giving you easy access to information.