Performance of Explosion-proof Junction Box

Jun. 24, 2022

Explosion-proof junction box is a kind of connection device with explosion-proof and strong sealing in the circuit laying. From the appearance it is a closed box. 

When the cable passes through, the cable enters, exits and connects by locking nut, thus effectively avoiding the phenomenon of sparking at the connection. And its housing is usually made of aluminum alloy, which is often painted on its surface in order to make it more fire and corrosion resistant.

Internal structure

The junction box consists of a cover, a box, a terminal block, a diode, a connection wire and a connector. The housing must be highly resistant to aging and ultraviolet light and meet the requirements of harsh outdoor environmental conditions. The self-locking function makes the connection method more convenient and solid. The connection terminals must be firmly mounted and have good solderability to the bus. The connectors, connecting wires have good insulation properties, and the self-locking male and female plugs make the solar panels and electrical connections more convenient and reliable.

Performance of Explosion-proof Junction Box

Performance characteristics

1、Explosion-proof grade, can be used safely in a variety of flammable and explosive hazardous places. Adopt high-intensity gas discharge lamp as the light source, high light efficiency, long life, the average life of more than 10000 hours.

2、Transparent parts are optimally designed with soft light, uniform illumination and no ghosting, effectively avoiding the operator's eye discomfort and fatigue.

3、Shell is made of light alloy material and high-tech spraying treatment, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, dustproof, can be used for a long time in outdoor.

4, exquisite structure design, good heat dissipation performance, effectively reduce the temperature of the lamp body, increasing the service life of the lamp. It has good electromagnetic compatibility, will not cause interference to the surrounding environment.

5, light weight, small size, compact and beautiful, simple and convenient operation.

Performance of Explosion-proof Junction Box

Explosion-proof junction box function

Explosion-proof junction box is usually made of cast metal. Its function is to work in an explosive gas environment, even if the box has circuit sparks, or some explosive gas infiltration, in the role of sparks will occur in a small range of deflagration, and the box can withstand, this situation can prevent the junction box internal short circuit caused by sparks on the site of the dangerous area.

Explosion-proof junction box assembly with relatively high requirements for surface finish at the same time the width of the joint surface has strict dimensional requirements, all leads inside and outside the separation of strict sealing size requirements. The electrical sparks inside the junction box will not affect the external combustible and explosive materials to burn and explode. 

Performance of Explosion-proof Junction Box

Wiring requirements

Use explosion-proof junction box products customers should know that explosion-proof junction box internal terminal, so you wiring to use the terminal, to use the terminal, whether there are specific wiring requirements?

Explosion-proof junction boxes are typically used for lighting threaded connections in explosion-proof areas. Some customers remove the internal terminals and do not use them, wrapping the cable and cable directly with insulating tape for insulation. Usually, it is the internal terminals that are used for wiring. If a terminal is used, the key is to tighten it. Using insulation tape instead of terminals, the tape may fall off after days of spring, summer, and winter, causing short circuit accidents.

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