Explosion-proof Shell Vs Essential Safety Shell

Aug. 10, 2022

The phrase of essential security is usually used to describe products used in dangerous (explosive) areas. Essential safety and explosion-proof are to prevent the product from failing and prevent the failure of electrical processing equipment that cause explosion or fire.

As companies want to minimize the risk of explosion in dangerous areas, explosion -proof shells and essential safety shells become more and more important. It is common to have flames or vapor in many industrial, chemical and petroleum production environments. As a result, these dangerous areas have always been risked by destruction and loss of life.

However, it is difficult to distinguish the explosion -proof shell and the essential safety shell. Therefore, this article will help you better understand the two terms of "explosion -proof shell" and "essential safety shell" and their main differences.

Explosion-proof Shell Vs Essential Safety Shell

Explosion-proof shell 

Explosion -proof shell refers to the designed shell for any explosion in the specified area. The excess energy generated by the explosion is then dissipated through the flange and thread of the shell. Explosion -proof shells are usually designed with extended thread flanges to form a long flame path to cool and control the explosion in the shell. Therefore, any potential ignition will not be exposed to an external explosive environment. This method is called curb because it aims to curb the explosion.

Advantages and disadvantages

Therefore, the materials used to build a shell must be heavy and strong to bear and curb the explosion. This means that the cost of explosion -proof shells is higher, because materials for making shells (such as cast aluminum and steel) are usually more expensive. This is why explosion -proof shells are heavier and bulky than essential safety shells, which may cause installation and regular maintenance to be a difficult process. In addition, the power must be turned off during the maintenance of the explosion -proof shell, because any failure or spark in the circuit may cause explosion. Therefore, it is not allowed to open any explosion -proof shell for maintenance when the dangerous area is powered. at last, However, explosion -proof shells can inhibit the explosion of device running at high power, which cannot be achieved by the essential safety shell.

Essential safety shell

The essential safety shell is designed to limit the current, voltage, power and temperature of the circuit. Therefore, insufficient power in the essential safety shell may cause sparks or ignition in an explosive environment. This is also called prevention, because it does not allow any explosion first.

Advantages and disadvantages

The essential safety shell is usually cheaper than explosion -proof shells, because materials used to design the essential safety wiring are often cheaper. Unlike the circuit in the explosion -proof shell, the circuit in the essential safety shell does not need to be wrapped with heavy materials. Therefore, compared with explosion -proof shells, the installation and maintenance of the essential safe shell is much simpler. One of the most prominent benefits brought by the essential safety shell is that the power supply does not need to be turned off during maintenance. Due to the limited power involved, on -site maintenance is allowed.

However, because the essential security shell is running at a limited power, they cannot be used for equipment or equipment that requires higher power. Therefore, only explosion -proof shells can be used for higher power equipment.

MAM explosion -proof wiring box

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