Ex Local Control Station MAMC01-series

* Enclosure material: GRP/Q235/SS5304/SS316/SS3 16L/ZL102

* Ex-marks: Ex d e ib mb IIC T6 Gb; Ex tD A21 IP66 T80 C


Explosion-proof Local Control Station MAMC01

* Built in components: Explosion—proof button, indicator, Ex breaker, Explosion—proofpotentiometer, Explosion—proof Buzzer

*Used in chemical, oil refining, oil exploitation, offshore oil platforms, oil tankers, military and other hazardous areas.

*Widely used in the start and stop control conversion and display of motors in the work site, electrical parameter display during operation, speed regulation, signal switching, metering display, etc;

*Different installation methods such as hanging and floor-mounted installation and different incoming cables such as ordinary rubber and plastic cable, armored cable and heating cable.

Explosion-proof control box MAMCO1-series