Ex Temperature Control Box MAMX-12-C2

*Enclosure material: ZL102

*Ex mark: Ex db IIC T6...14 Gb; Ex tb IIIC T80°C...T135°C Db IP66

*Rated current: <40A

*Built in components: temperature-controller, silicon controlled

*Used in chemical, oil refining, oil exploitation, offshore oil platforms, oil tankers, military and other hazardous areas;

*Suitable for controlling the heat tracing system used in anti-freezing in hazardous areas; can respond to changes in ambient temperature and can adjust the set point;

*Can be used to control a single heat tracing circuit or as a contactor to switch the signal control of multiple heat tracing circuits;

*Different installation methods such as hanging, embedded, heat tracing bracket installation and different incoming cables such as ordinary rubber and plastic

cable, armored cable and heating cable are optional.


Explosion-proof Temperature Control Box MAMX-12-C2

Ex Temperature Control Switch MAMX-12-C2