EPC CSSC-China Largest 100 MW Parabolic Trough CSP Project

Inner Mongolia CSNP 100MW parabolic trough CSP project was selected as the first batch of national CSP demonstration projects in September 2016. The total investment of the project is about 2.868 billion yuan, covering an area of 7,800 acres. The plant is located in Urad Zhongqi. Xinhuresumu, started construction on July 28, 2018. The project is currently the largest trough thermal power generation project with the largest installed capacity, the most advanced technology and the largest investment in China. It is also the first solar thermal power generation project in Urad Zhongqi and the new energy project with the largest single investment amount.

With the hope to make some contribution to the new energy project, MAM has supplied many of high-quality MAMX- series explosion-proof control box and MAML-series explosion-proof lighting fixtures for this project.