Explosion-proof Control Panel and Junction Box

What is explosion proof panels?

The explosion proof control panel is to control and regulate the operation of various equipment and devices in a certain space, suitable for operation in an environment where the concentration of flammable gases, steam, liquids or combustible particles has a risk of fire and explosion, and is often used with junction boxesMAM offer explosion-proof electrical equipment such as customized explosion-proof control panels and are committed to providing the best explosion-proof solutions.

What is explosion proof junction boxes?

Explosion-proof junction box is suitable for explosive atmosphere products, mainly to accommodate some ignition sources, terminal blocks and other electrical equipment, characterized by cast aluminum alloy shell, surface spraying, beautiful appearance, explosion proof terminal box is very suitable for use in the need for junction box with a high level of protection and impact resistance in the dangerous area.

Why explosion-proof panels and junction boxes are needed?

In explosive industrial environments such as dangerous environments such as oil and natural gas, ignition sources can easily trigger the combustion of flammable substances such as vapors, gases, and dust. Such ignition sources include arcs, hot surfaces, aluminum-hot sparks, flames, electromagnetic radiation, smolder deposits and electrostatic sparks, so in this dangerous environment, it is necessary to consider how to protect these ignition sources, and explosion protection is a common protective measure that uses a specially designed enclosure to wrap the digital control panel. For large panels, the purge and pressurization methods isolate them from hazardous environments. The third layer of protection, intrinsically safe, ensures that ignition does not occur by limiting the energy. This protection mechanism ensures that the components of any panel cannot produce enough energy to trigger the combustion of combustible gases.

Explosion-proof control panel application range

1. Explosion-proof customized control panel is suitable for hazardous places in areas 0, 1 and 2 of explosive gas atmospheres;

2. Suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC level explosive gas environment;

3. Suitable for flammable dust environment 20, 21, 22;

4. Suitable for environments where the temperature group is T1-T6;

5. Free configuration of cable inlets and terminals for customized junction boxes

6.Suitable for explosive hazardous environments such as petroleum and petrochemical, chemical, brewing, medicine, paint, textile, printing and dyeing, and military facilities.

Characteristics of customized explosion proof control panel

1.The shell of this product adopts high-quality aluminum alloy welding molding, and the surface is sprayed by powder electrostatic spraying after high-speed shot blasting, and the appearance is beautiful;

2. The interior can be equipped with explosion-proof buttons, explosion-proof indicators, explosion-proof ammeters, explosion-proof switches, explosion-proof voltmeters and other instruments and control needs;

3. Adopt diversified design, you can choose cabinet type (upper and lower form, left and right form), wall hanging type, piano table type, flat type, etc.;

4. Flameproof control panel can be customized according to user requirements, our box is the same, the internal components can be customized.

How does an explosion proof enclosure work?

Carefully designed clearances in the explosion-proof enclosure facilitate the discharge of expansion gases. When the expanding gas escapes from the shell into the external environment, it cools and loses most of its energy. The cooling process prevents it from causing an explosion, thus ensuring the safety of the facility.

Contact us, the design and manufacture of your explosion control panel can be customized to your requirements, let us help you with your unique ex proof panel.

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